NYU Grossman School of Medicine

The Section for Global Health is housed within the Division for Health & Behavior at the Department of Population Health, NYU Grossman School of Medicine, and it aims to generate equitable and improved health outcomes for individuals and populations around the world. Populations globally face significant structural challenges that have major impacts on health and wellbeing, including climate change, discrimination, water supply, food quality, built environments, institutionalized inequities, and inadequate implementation of evidence-based policies and programs. The Section for Global Health aims to address these issues by conducting innovative and groundbreaking research, as well as building capacity worldwide. In addition, the section works with policymakers and program implementers around the world to improve population health and reduce disease burden across the entire life course. The section is focused on the science of discovery and delivery, informed by a commitment to health equity, in order to improve the health and wellbeing of individuals, communities, and populations. 

NYU’s Department of Population Health, initiated in 2012, is one of the first departments of population health to be launched at an academic medical center. The department is comprised of a diverse group of faculty and staff working on pressing challenges in New York City and around the world. The department’s goals are to improve health for all while simultaneously reducing health inequities. Through research, the department develops and tests real-world solutions in partnership with healthcare systems, communities, policymakers, and other groups to continuously advance the field of population health, uniting the expertise of researchers from disciplines across NYU Langone. Through training programs for medical and other graduate students, postgraduate students, and health professionals, future leaders are educated in population health. The Department of Population Health seeks to bridge the divide of medicine and public health to reunite the knowledge and expertise of both fields and improve the health of populations. 

Founded in 1841, the NYU Grossman School of Medicine (NYUGSOM) is No. 2 in the nation for research on the 2022 U.S. News & World Report “Best Graduate Schools” rankings. NYUGSOM has trained as well as fostered the innovations of thousands of physicians and scientists who have helped shape the course of medical history. Students, faculty, and staff have contributed to groundbreaking discoveries that have improved the health of people around the world. As an integral part of NYU Langone Health, NYUGSOM is committed to a trifold mission of patient care, medical education, and scientific research. 29 academic departments include nationally and internationally recognized faculty in clinical and basic sciences. NYUGSOM strives to bring together the best and brightest to cultivate collaboration across disciplines, and to facilitate breakthroughs that address today’s biggest challenges in medicine.

Rajesh Vedanthan, MD MPH
Director, Section for Global Health
Associate Professor, Departments of Population Health and Medicine

Keng-Yen Huang, PhD, MPH
Associate Professor, Division of Health and Behavior,
Departments of Population Health and Child and Adolescent Psychiatry

Samrachana Adhikari, PhD
Assistant Professor, Division of Biostatistics,
Department of Population Health

Kun Qian, MSc
Data Analyst, Section for Global Health,
Department of Population Health

Julia Dickhaus, BS
Research Coordinator, Section for Global Health, 
Department of Population Health