DigiCare4You Objectives


Obj.1: Study and understand the local needs within and across community healthcare settings and other contextual factors, including legal, ethical, behavioural and social issues

For an innovative solution to efficiently, cost-effectively and sustainably serve people’s needs, it has to be context-specific and fit-for-purpose. To deliver this objective, DigiCare4You will conduct a comprehensive situational analysis in a joint effort with local stakeholders on the contextual factors related to (a) behavioural, cultural, legal, ethical and social issues; (b) the primary health care system and community health care services for the prevention and management of T2D and HTN in each country. All this data will be synthesized to define evidence-based tailored implementation strategies to be used for the successful implementation of the DigiCare4You solution in each country. Addressed in WP2 & WP3


Obj.2: Adapt the DigiCare4You solution and develop the relevant tools for the process, impact and outcome evaluation of its implementation

To deliver this objective, following participatory procedures with the local stakeholders, DigiCare4You will adapt the innovative solution (and the relevant digital tools) to the local contextual circumstances as defined in WP2. To ensure the effective uptake and fidelity of the intervention’s implementation and assess its effectiveness, the relevant process, impact and outcome evaluation tools will be developed. Furthermore, digital tools for regular monitoring of the implementation will be developed to allow corrective actions when needed. Addressed in WP4 & WP5


Obj.3: Implement and evaluate the DigiCare4You solution and apply regular monitoring to refine protocols and ensure adaptability, equity and effective uptake, while also considering e-privacy regulations

Implementation and evaluation of the DigiCare4You solution will take place in real-life settings in the four countries, targeting more than 3500 parents in each country. Throughout the implementation period, process evaluation data will be obtained at three levels (participant, provider and community), while also regular monitoring will be applied to enable possible adaptations while the implementation is still on-going. Impact and outcome evaluation data will be collected to assess the effectiveness of the programme and ultimately showcase the various benefits of the DigiCare4You solution for the families and the local communities. All the procedures applied for data collection and management will be in line with the national and EU e-privacy and cyber-security regulations. Addressed in WP6 & WP3


Obj.4: Evaluate the cost-effectiveness and budget impact of the DigiCare4You solution utilising a prediction model to help decision-makers decide on the solution’s potential impact on health system performance

Dissemination in real-world settings and sustainability require cost-effective approaches, especially at a time when health and social care systems are under financial pressure. DigiCare4You will, therefore, perform an in-depth health economic evaluation and budget impact analysis. A prediction model will be developed to predict the long-term health and economic outcomes of DigiCare4You and inform decision makers on the population-level impact of the solution as well as its impact on health system performance. Addressed in WP7


Obj.5: Define the key aspects for scaling-up or transferring the DigiCare4You solution to other regions or countries using the relevant tools

DigiCare4You will identify the key aspects and study mechanisms that contribute to scalability and transferability of the innovative solution to other settings, regions or health systems. A Scalability Assessment and Decision-Support (SADS) tool will be developed and applied to assist practitioners and policymakers in decision making for DigiCare4You implementation and scale-up planning. Addressed in WP8


Obj.6: Work with key stakeholders to promote capacity building, develop a “Roadmap for Scaleup” and disseminate the DigiCare4You solution at a national and European level

Sharing project’s outcomes and key learnings and actively engaging local and international stakeholders in evaluating the benefits for the people, the local health systems and the market, DigiCare4You will optimise capacity building for the scientific community, policymakers and the implementation organisations. In a series of workshops and following participatory procedures, a “Roadmap for Scaleup” will be developed, with recommendations and guidelines for the implementation of DigiCare4You beyond the research setting and promote people-centred care in Europe. Addressed in WP9