METEDA produces innovative and technologically advanced software and hardware solutions for chronic diseases and nutrition. Its organizational system is certified ISO 9001 e ISO 13485. METEDA offers innovative solutions in the sectors of chronic diseases, nutrition, tele-medicine and lifestyle. It is the Italian market leader for electronic medical record systems for diabetes clinics, with a coverage of over 90% of the market, serving over 1000 Medical Diabetic Centers. It is one of the main players in the nutritional field (with a software to collect and analyze food histories and formulate meal plans) with a 35% market share. METEDA serves over 10.000 HCPs with the support of a dedicated customer service team of 10 experienced technicians. We are constantly engaged with medical experts to develop and release state of the art solutions for both patients and professionals. METEDA’s mission is to create innovative and unique solutions to improve people Lifestyle & Healthcare. METEDA’s main customers are hospitals, pharmaceutical companies and private practitioners. Since 2007 METEDA offers telemedicine and lifestyle solution directly to end users.

Girolami Sandro, Foreign Affairs and R&D Manager
Foreign Affairs and R&D Manager in METEDA. His aim is to develop advanced technological solutions, mainly in e-Health, m-Health, wellbeing and lifestyle.
He has a working experience of 25 years in software development companies, also in partnership with multinational pharmaceutical companies.
He was IT director in many successful projects in the fields of Diabetes, Nutrition and AAL. 
Some of his skills involve: 

  • team development analysis and development of network solution to manage chronic diseases 
  • problem solving
  • creating integration and interconnection solutions between different IT systems 
  • software architect 
  • software analyst 
  • design of relational database 

Nazzareno Pierantozzi , Chief Technical officer
Chief Technical officer in METEDA with 30 years of experience in the design and development of software as medical device.
He coordinates the development team composed by 20 software developers. He has particular skills in:

  • analysis and development of network solution to manage chronic diseases
  • problem solving 
  • creating integration and interconnection solutions between different IT systems 
  • software architecture 
  • software analysis 
  • design of relational database

Claudia D’Antonio , Project manager and Foreign Affair and R&D Manager Assistant, with experience in Italian and European Projects.
She has experience in: 

  • technical and administrative reporting of European project 
  • collaboration with different European partners 
  • participated to meetings and workshops on European Projects 
  • organization of meetings and pilot demonstration during the project 
  • post-sale customer care 
  • design and elaborations of technical documentation and manuals. 

Giacomo Vespasiani , METEDA Medical Consultant
Director of the Diabetes Deparment of San Benedetto Hospital. President of the Italian Association of Diabetologists (AMD). President of DIABETE ITALIA, Consortium of the Italian scientific diabetes societies. Director of the AMD Studies and Research Center. Coordinator of the AMD ANNALS (quality of diabetes care in Italy). Takes part in the internationals committee for the revision IDF Guidelines Quality Indicators in diabetes. METEDA Medical Consultant.

Teresa Almonti , Product Quality Coordinator
Specialist in regulatory affairs for medical devices, multi-year experience in financial management and report of European research projects.