DigiCare4You partners attended a school race event in the Zaragoza community

CEIP Cortes de Aragon, a school located in Zaragoza participating in the DigiCare4You project, recently organised a solidarity school race in which all proceeds were donated to the Zaragoza Diabetes Association.

As a participatory school in the project, DigiCare4You partners from the University of Zaragoza were invited to attend this event to raise awareness of their research group and the DigiCare4You project.

Partners distributed informative materials promoting healthy eating habits tailored to children. These materials included, for example, ideas of healthy recipes for breakfast and snacks for children.

Natalia Giménez Legarre, DigiCare4You partner from the University of Zaragoza, said, "It is very important that schools and parent associations organise and promote activities that encourage a healthy lifestyle in families with young children. Parents are role models for children, and participating in a joint event as a family helps with this health promotion. Also, the fact that all the money raised goes to the diabetes association contributes to raising awareness of the disease."