Submitted Public Deliverables

Deliverable 1.2: Project Quality Assurance Plan 

Deliverable 2.1: Report with the synthesis of the SABs in each implementation country

Deliverable 2.2: Situation analysis to record and understand the contextual factors related to primary healthcare and community healthcare services in each country involved in the analysis

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Deliverable 2.5: Rapid litterature review on mHealth and community-based interventions for the prevention and management of T2D and HTN

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Deliverable 2.6: Report with the strategies that will guide the adaptation and implementation of the DigiCare4You solution in each country 

Deliverable 3.1: DigiCare4You Legal and Ethical Framework 

Deliverable 3.2: DigiCare4You Data Management Plan

Deliverable 3.3: DigiCare4You Ethics and Legal Compliance Report V1

Deliverable 4.1: Implementation plan and SOP´s for the adapted two-stage screening

Deliverable 4.2: Digital tools for the two-stage screening procedure

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Deliverable 4.4: Adapted mHealth application for each country

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Deliverable 4.5: Adapted material for the school component in all four languages

Deliverable 4.6: Implementation plan for the community-based intervention and social collaboration platform

Deliverable 4.8: Digital platform and seccure cloud-based repository for data collection 

Deliverable 5.2: Impact evaluation plan and tools at the participant and, school and community level

Deliverable 5.3: Outcome evaluation plan and tools at the participant level

Deliverable 9.1: Dissemination, exploitation and communication plan 

Deliverable 9.2: Website and brand identity for the project 

Deliverable 9.3: Website content and ongoing internal and external communication materials as well as preparation of relevant papers and attendance to conferences and congresses 

Deliverable 9.4: Establishment of the "International Stakeholder Advisory Board"